ISLFD 2019

Physical events during cryopreservation: consequences on cells’ post-thaw performance and on cryobiological protocols optimization, ISLFD 2019 Conference, Ghent 2-6 September

Fernanda Fonseca was invited to present a review on the physical events taking place during freezing. The review focused on the role of the physical state of the intracellular and extracellular environments in determining the response of cells to stresses encountered during cryopreservation. The implications of cryoprotectant selection, cooling rates, and controlled cooling temperature range for cell storage were also discussed. The presentation generated a high level of public interest with many questions from industrial and academic participants.

The work here presented resulted of a collaboration between INRA, Asymptote, GE-Healthcare, GCT Catapult and AgroParisTech, and received funding from PREMIUM for the work recently published: Meneghel et al 2019 (PlosOne).


Modification date : 03 July 2023 | Publication date : 05 September 2019 | Redactor : Fernanda Fonseca