[Secondment] Evaluating the storage stability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB)

[Secondment] Evaluating the storage stability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB)

Secondment of Maite Gagneten from CONICET (Argentina) in AgroParisTech (France) for seven months

The secondment of Maite Gagneten in AgroParisTech concerned WP3 "Development and optimization of LAB production systems".

The main objective was to evaluate the storage stability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The work contemplated the analysis of the biological activity, biochemical characteristics and physical properties and the study of the relationship between them.

Two LAB (L. bulgaricus CFL1 and L. plantarum WCFS1) produced at Biosearch, protected with three different fructo-oligosaccharides and stabilized by freezing, freeze- and spray-drying were analyzed.

Maite Gagneten at AgroParisTech with S. Cenard

CINAC method supervised by Stéphanie Cenard (INRAE)

During her research stay at AgroParisTech, Maite evaluated the biological activity, physical properties and biological profile of these samples after production and during storage at different temperatures (4, 23 and 37 °C) for up to 28 days. The biological activity was evaluated using plate count and Cinac methods. Regarding the physical properties, water activity and glass transition temperature were measured. Also FTIR measurements of the cells in aqueous environment were conducted by FTIR micro-spectroscopy.

Partial results of this work were presented by Maite in the 3rd PREMIUM meeting and in the Procédés microBiologiques, Stabilisation, Séparation (ProBioSSep) team meeting.

Publication date : 06 December 2022 | Redactor : Maite Gagneten